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Pharmakovigilanz Dienstleister
VigiPRO® GmbH
Fliederstr. 15
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VigiPRO® GmbH
Fliederstr. 15
D-42109 Wuppertal

Pharmakovigilanz, Arzneimittelsicherheit, QPPV, Stufenplanbeauftragter, Informationsbeauftragter


    (GVP, GDP)
    / QPPV
  • Implementation of National and European pharmacovigilance requirements
  • Creation / revision of the PSMF
    (Pharmacovigilance System Master File)
  • Changes and reorganisation in case of
    - Outsourcing
    - Mergers and Acquisitions
    - Process optimization
  • Pharmacovigilance contracts and safety data exchange agreements (SDEA)
  • Regulatory intelligence

  • Medical single assessment
  • Data management
  • Evaluation of cumulative data / listings (reconciliation)
  • Periodic reports (see “Reports”)
  • MedDRA Coding

  • Pharmacovigilance audits of entire pharmacovigilance systems or parts thereof
  • Audits of partners and service providers nationally and internationally
  • Creation / revision of the quality assurance system according to:
    - Good pharmacovigilance practice (GVP)
    - Good distribution practice (GDP)
  • Creation / revision of quality documents (SOPs, WIs)
  • Process description and -optimization
  • Management of changes, deviations, corrective and preventive actions (CAPA)
  • SOP-trainings and pharmacovigilance trainings
  • Preparation of and support during pharmacovigilance inspections

  • Temporary or permanent assumption of the function / deputy:
    - EU QPPV (GVP module I, I.C.1.3)
    - Medically trained person (Regulation (EU) No. 520/2012 Art. 10 (1))
    - Graduated Plan Officer (§ 63a AMG)
    - Medical Information officer (§ 74a AMG)
    - Responsible person for narcotic drugs (§ 5 BtMG)
  • Guaranteed 24-hours-availability within the scope of the functions

  • Creation/ revision of Risk-Management plans
  • Benefit- / Risk-assessment of medicinal products
  • National and European risk procedures (emerging safety issue, referral procedure)
  • Risk minimisation measures
  • Creation and implementation of "educational material”
  • Signal detection
  • Signal evaluation and documentation

  • Creation of periodic reports
    - Periodic safety update reports (PSUR)
    - Periodic benefit-risk evaluation reports (PBRER)
    - Development safety update reports (DSUR)
  • Periodic literature screening
    - Global (Medline, Embase)
    - locally in German speaking countries
    - locally in further 40 countries in and outside the EU
  • Mergers and acquisitions in pharmacovigilance
  • Optimisation and modification of the
    - Pharmacovigilance System
    - Risk Management System
    - Quality Management System
  • Process optimization
  • In- and Outsourcing / Integration of service providers

  • Regulatory consulting and support for Start-ups in the pharmaceutical sector
    (e.g. cannabis wholesalers and manufacturers)
  • Contact with authorities and license applications
  • Procurement and recommendation of service providers
  • Monitoring of the contract implementation
  • Process development and documentation

  • Bridging of personnel shortage
  • Assumption of pharmacovigilance functions including management positions
  • Responsible persons with deputy

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Specialised service providers nationally and internationally
  • IT-developers, programmers and database manufacturers (Safety-Database, XEVMPD)
  • Physicians and pharmacists
  • Industry associations
  • Authorities
  • Specialised lawyers and -consultants
…and an extensive network of experts in the fields of pharmacovigilance and regulatory affairs

PHARMAKOVIGILANZ-BASICS: Umsetzung von nationalen und europäischen Pharmakovigilanz-Anforderungen,
Neuerstellung / Überarbeitung des PSMF (Pharmacovigilance System Master File),
Änderungen und Umorganisation bei:
– Outsourcing
– Verkäufen und Übernahmen
– Prozessoptimierung
Pharmakovigilanz-Verträge und -Austauschvereinbarungen, Regulatory intelligence
PHARMAKOVIGILANZ IN STUDIEN(GVP, GDP): Medizinische Einzelfallbewertung
Datenmanagement, Auswertung kumulativer Daten / Listings, (Rekonzilierung), Periodische Berichte (siehe „Berichte“), MedDRA-Kodierung
PHARMAKOVIGILANZ-AUDITS / INSPEKTIONEN: Pharmakovigilanz-Audits von gesamten Pharmakovigilanz-Systemen oder Teilbereichen, Audits von Partnern und Dienstleistern im In- und Ausland
QUALITÄTSSICHERUNG (GVP, GDP): Neuerstellung / Überarbeitung des Qualitätssicherungs-Systems entsprechend:
– Good pharmacovigilance practice (GVP)
– Good distribution practice (GDP)
Neuerstellung / Überarbeitung qualitätsgesicherter Dokumente (SOPs, WIs), Prozessbeschreibung und -optimierung, Management von Änderungen, Abweichungen, Korrektur- und Vorbeugemaßnahmen (CAPA), SOP-Schulungen und Pharmakovigilanz-TrainingsVorbereitung und Begleitung von Pharmakovigilanz-Inspektionen
VERANTWORTLICHE PERSONEN / QPPV: Zeitweise oder dauerhafte Übernahme der Funktionen / Stellvertreter:
– EU QPPV (GVP module I, I.C.1.3)
– Medically trained person (Regulation (EU) No 520/2012 Art. 10 (1))
– Stufenplanbeauftragter (§ 63 a AMG)
– Informationsbeauftragter (§ 74 a AMG)
– Betäubungsmittelverantwortlicher (§ 5 BtmG)
Guaranteed 24-hours-availability within the scope of the functions
RISIKOMANAGEMENT-SYSTEM: Neuerstellung / Überarbeitung von Risikomanagementplänen, Nutzen- / Risikobewertung von Arzneimitteln, Nationale und europäische Risikoverfahren (Stufenplan, Referral procedure), Risikominimierende Maßnahmen, Erstellung und Umsetzung von „educational material“, Signal-Detektion, Signalbewertung und Dokumentation
BERICHTE: Erstellung periodischer Berichte
– Periodic safety update reports (PSUR)
– Periodic benefit-risk evaluation reports (PBRER)
– Development safety update reports (DSUR)
LITERATURRECHERCHE: Regelmäßige Literaturrecherche
– Global (Medline, Embase)
– Lokal in deutschsprachigen Ländern
– Lokal in weiteren 40 Ländern in und außerhalb der EU
STRATEGISCHE BERATUNG: Mergers und Acquisitions in der Pharmakovigilanz, Optimierung und Änderung des
– Pharmakovigilanz-Systems
– Risikomanagement-Systems
– Qualitätssicherungs-Systems
Prozessoptimierung, In- und Outsourcing / Einbindung von Dienstleistern
START-UP BERATUNG: Regulatorische Beratung und Begleitung von Neugründungen im Pharmabereich, (z.B. Cannabis-Großhändler und -hersteller), Behördenkontakte und Anträge, Vermittlung und Empfehlung von Dienstleistern, Begleitung der Vertragsabwicklung, Prozessentwicklung und –dokumentation
INTERIMS-MANAGEMENT: Überbrückung von Personalengpässen, Übernahme von Pharmakovigilanz-Funktionen einschließlich Managementpositionen, Verantwortliche Personen mit Stellvertreter
KUNDEN, PARTNER UND KONTAKTE: Pharmaunternehmen, Spezialisierte Dienstleister im In- und Ausland, IT-Entwickler, Programmierer und Hersteller von Datenbanken (Safety Datenbank, XEVMPD), Ärzte und Apotheker, Industrieverbände, Behörden, Spezialisierte Rechtsanwälte und -berater, … und ein umfangreiches Experten-Netzwerk aus den Bereichen Pharmakovigilanz und Zulassung.




We attach great importance to loyalty, fairness, discretion and respect for our clients.


This results in our values and your advantages:


  • Professionalism - You bring expert knowledge and experience into your company.
  • Personal contact - You have ONE contact person for your project.
  • Availability - We are directly available for you and react quickly, reliably and flexibly.
  • Quality - Our services and work results are subject to our own transparent quality management system.
  • Extensive, specialised support - You benefit from our cooperation with carefully selected partners nationally and internationally. Therefore we have a solution for (almost) every pharmaceutical task.
  • Modern and up-to-date - We always have up-to-date hardware and software and use state-of-the-art media for the exchange of information and data. Data security is of particular importance. You save time and personnel resources - efficiency that pays off for you.



"Pharmacovigilance is a matter of trust," the founders of VigiPRO say.

<span class='hid'>Anette Sonntag</span>
<span class='hid'>Dr. med. Axel Jansink</span>
<span class='hid'>Anette Sonntag</span>

Anette Sonntag

Anette Sonntag

+ As a pharmacist with now 20 years ...
of professional experience, Ms. Anette Sonntag started her first permanent position in the local pharmacovigilance department of one of the 10 largest pharmaceutical companies worldwide in 2002 after 5 years of studies in pharmacy.

+ Until the end of 2009, ...
she worked for medium-sized and large pharmaceutical subsidiaries and headquarter companies with worldwide responsibility for pharmacovigilance activities of innovative drugs.

+ In 2010 the first contract as a freelancer followed.
Start as a freelance pharmacovigilance expert for one of the world's largest researching pharmaceutical companies in her main job.

+ Since mid-2019 Anette Sonntag has been the founder
and managing director of VigiPRO GmbH.

<span class='hid'>Dr. med. Axel Jansink</span>

Dr. med. Axel Jansink

Dr. med. Axel Jansink

+ As a physician with now 20 years ...
of professional experience, Dr. med. Axel Jansink started his first permanent position in the local pharmacovigilance department of one of the largest German pharmaceutical companies in private hands in 2003 after 4-5 years of clinical work. After less than 2 years, he took over the management of the pharmacovigilance department and the responsibility as Graduated plan officer.

+ Until the end of 2016, he worked ...
for small, medium and large pharmaceutical companies and specialized service providers in management positions as head of the global pharmacovigilance department and EU-QPPV, as pharmacovigilance project manager and graduated plan officer, head of medical affairs/pharmacovigilance and as the person responsible for all safety activities of an innovative drug worldwide.

+ In 2014, the first contract as a freelancer followed.
Start as a freelance- pharmacovigilance expert and graduated plan officer for an American pharmaceutical- and biotech company in part-time.

+ Since 2016 Dr. Jansink ...
has been working full-time as an independent consultant.

+ Since mid-2019 Dr. Jansink ...
has been the founder and managing director of VigiPRO GmbH.



Here is an excerpt of our satisfied clients:


+ Update of the quality assurance system
Revision and creation of the pharmacovigilance-SOPs, the PSMF, pharmacovigilance-contracts and -exchange agreements. Client: German affiliate company of an international pharmacovigilance- and regulatory consulting company.

+ EU-QPPV / Graduated Plan Officer for ...
a marketing authorisation holder and distributor of homeopathic medicinal products.

+ Graduated Plan Officer for ...
multiple American pharmaceutical- and biotech companies and for various pharmaceutical and specialty pharmaceutical companies from France, Great Britain, Israel, etc.

+ Pharmacovigilance in non-interventional ...
studies for one of the world's largest researching pharmaceutical companies.

+ Lead pharmacovigilance auditor for ...
a marketing authorisation holder, active substance- and drug manufacturer located in Germany.

+ Medically Trained Person for ...
a marketing authorisation holder and manufacturer of medical gases.

+ Creation of PSMF for ...
a marketing authorisation holder and manufacturer of medical gases.

+ Patient Safety Specialist for ...
one of the 5 largest researching pharmaceutical companies in the world.

+ GVP-/GDP-Regulatory Consultant for ...
a pharmaceutical start-up.

+ Medical Writing for ...
a global pharmacovigilance service provider.

+ Contractual services for ...
training, medical consulting, data entry into pharmacovigilance databases, etc.





Fliederstr. 15
D-42109 Wuppertal


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Fliederstr. 15
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